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Métis 101 Micro-Credential (Separated)

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This is the same content as the Métis 101 Micro-Credential. However, it has been broken down into three parts, so that it can be completed at a slower pace. The completion time for all three parts together is approximately 10 hours.

Course Overviews:

Métis 101 - Part A

Lesson 1: Who are the Métis?
Lesson 2: Identity-Meaning of Métis
Lesson 3: Misconceptions about being Métis
Lesson 4: Métis Worldview
Lesson 5: Early Métis Nationalism
Lesson 6: Historic Métis Communities

Métis 101 - Part B

Lesson 1: Métis Music, Dance, and Celebratory Days
Lesson 2: Traditional Métis Lifeways
Lesson 3: Métis Clothing and Adornment
Lesson 4: Métis Veterans
Lesson 5: The Métis Today 

Métis 101 - Part C

Lesson 1: The Red River Resistance
Lesson 2: The Métis Scrip System
Lesson 3: The 1885 Resistance
Lesson 4: The Aftermath of the 1885 Resistance
Lesson 5: Métis: The Constitution and Court Rulings
Lesson 6: Modern Métis Political and Governance Structures

Product Price
Métis 101 - Part A $50.00 CAD + Tax
Métis 101 - Part B $50.00 CAD + Tax
Métis 101 - Part C $50.00 CAD + Tax
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