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Métis 101 Micro-Credential

Metis 101

Métis 101 contains 17 lessons, covering many topics, such as Métis identity, Métis Worldview, misconceptions, celebrations, Michif, Métis today, and so much more. The goal of this micro-credential is to pass on a basic understanding of Métis culture, heritage, and history. The estimated completion is 10 hours.

Course Outline:

Lesson 1: Who are the Métis?
Lesson 2: Identity—Meaning of Métis
Lesson 3: Misconceptions about being Métis
Lesson 4: Métis Worldview
Lesson 5: Métis Music, Dance, and Celebratory Days
Lesson 6: Early Métis Nationalism
Lesson 7: Traditional Métis Lifeways
Lesson 8: Métis Clothing and Adornment
Lesson 9: Historic Métis Communities and Place Names
Lesson 10: The Red River Resistance
Lesson 11: The Métis Scrip System
Lesson 12: The 1885 Resistance
Lesson 13: The Aftermath of the 1885 Resistance
Lesson 14: Métis Veterans
Lesson 15: Métis: The Constitution and Court Rulings
Lesson 16: Modern Métis Political and Governance Structures
Lesson 17: The Métis Today

Price: $150.00
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